Feeling Great!

Soooo…the first month of the year is pretty much in the books already. Talk about going by fast! It was a great month, however, because I’ve made some lifestyle changes that have really raised the quality of my outlook on life. Much of last year I was depressed, upset that I wasn’t getting anywhere, complaining, … [Read more…]

Twelve Minutes

Close your eyes Embrace the darkness Clutch onto this very moment The ticking clock begins to Fade, evaporating into the Void, breaths calmer, deeper Focusing on the soothing Tunes, the edges of your Mind beginning to crack And eventually shatter like Glass on the floor, your reality Is morphed as a thousand colors Pulsing like … [Read more…]

Therapeutic Poetry

My mother warned me About this thing inside I inherited And I know her warning is not Unwarranted, for I’ve felt the cage Rupture from time to Time, and though I feel the bars Have been reinforced with time And maturation, the beast grows Simultaneously… People cannot people will not Understand what it is like … [Read more…]